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Grappling, the oldest form of combat goes further back in time than any other existing records of empty hand combat. It can be traced back as far as 3400 BC as it existed with the Egyptians. Recorded images of grappling can be found in Egyptian tombs and walls. Prophets & Angels wrestled with beasts of all forms. Genesis 32 describes that Jacob was left alone to wrestle beasts or man until the breaking of the day.

In modern times, we call these athletes who practice all forms of grappling as GRAPPLERS. Thus, the name in front of the apparel. No matter what form you practice, wether you're a competitor or a hobbyist wear this with HONOR and PRIDE, knowing that you are the modern day GLADIATOR. 


- Made in Los Angeles, CA

- 100% cotton fabric

- ScreenPrint

- Fit: True to Size