Genesis Select Club

The Genesis Select Club features one of a kind, custom design gym uniform collaborations. Our in house designers, manufacturers and team will work together with you and your club / gym to make special uniforms for adults and kids at your gym with your specific specifications ( kimonos, rash guards, combat shorts, belts upon request* ). 

Why choose Genesis?

- Although applications are currently open, we have an extremely selective selection process & need to ensure all of our partners have a valid business registration and the necessary capacity to handle the sales we will be bringing in. Your success is our success. 

- Once, accepted we don't just throw together some cookie cutter system that everyone else can design and make. We custom tailor all parts of our process to represent your gym's messaging, design, logos and ensure the growth of your business.

- We do not focus on anything else except designing unique sportswear and anything that deals with supplementing sports such as Mma, Jiu Jitsu, Running, Lifting, Yoga, etc. Our in house team designers come from designing at big industry sportswear companies and have degrees in graphic design, business and design management. 

- Our reputation although young has been solid which is why UFC fighters and big Jiu Jitsu gyms such as ZR Team Association chose us to sponsor and design their gym uniforms. 

Send us an email & contact us with these 5 information and if we believe we are a good fit as a partnership we will contact you with the official Genesis Select Club Flyer which includes pricing & minimums.


Gym Name:

Owner Name:

Location/s ( City , State, Zip Code ):

# of Students: 1 - 30 / 30 - 50 / 50 - 100 / 100 +