Mantra Collection by Genesis
The Mantra Collection is one of the Genesis Originals Family's biggest collection to date. The collection includes sportswear that ranges from gym and combat apparel to loungewear. The collection is inspired by the Genesis Family Mantra 'Pursue Greatness' after the Bible verse Philippians 4:13. We would like to thank every person that was a part of this collection from the models to the videographers and photographers for taking the time out of their busy weeks to create a beautiful artistry of a collection. This collection is dedicated to every person who has had a dream but has been afraid of what other people would be thinking, the fear of the unknown, the fear of failure or what exactly he/she needs to do to achieve it. Just go and do it. You will never know how far your dream will take you unless you do it. Live your life knowing you are working towards your dream then just existing in life. Rather live a life knowing you did your best at the end of your life than live with regret. We are rooting for you. We are here with you. We are Genesis.
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